On this page, the Cookie Policy (“Policy“) applied by YT1Downloader.Com internet address (“YT1Downloader“, “Site“) is explained.

YT1Downloader uses single-pixel gifs, web beacons and cookies to improve your experience on the site, to provide you with faster and safer times and to improve the site. Third party cookies such as Google Analytics are also used.

Cookies and Web Beacons

Cookies: Cookies are small text files placed in the memory of your browser or device when you visit a website or use a service of the site. They enable your device or browser to be recognized when you visit the website again.

Web beacons: Web beacons (“tracking pixels”, “page tags”, “image tags”…) are small transparent files (single pixel (1 × 1) transparent gif files) that are uploaded to our pages on our website. These beacons often collect information about visitors’ behavior to analyze site performance. They are used to measure traffic anonymously, such as page visits and button clicks.

You can visit www.allaboutcookies.org and aboutcookies.org website addresses to learn more about cookies.

Why We Prefer Cookies

To increase the functionality and performance of our site, to improve the services offered to users, to improve our site and to offer new features and to personalize the features offered according to the preferences of the users, to ensure that users have faster and safer times.

For What Purposes We Use Cookies

We use cookies and other technologies to recognize or remember you when you visit an area of ​​our site or use our services. For example:

  • Presenting articles in the language used in the region where the user is located,
  • Remembering preferences,
  • Transmitting data to our servers,
  • Determining whether a user is a new visitor or returning user,
  • Analyzing user behavior,
  • Preventing repetition of pop-ups such as newsletter suggestions, cookie alerts, and polls.

The Cookies We Use

Social Media Cookies – Cookies that collect data about social media usage. Cookies can be used to create advertisements specific to you or by using your social media accounts for market analysis and research. For example, these are the types of cookies that appear when a sponsored ad is shared on social media.

Performance and Analysis Cookies – Cookies used to improve site performance and analyze user behavior. These cookies are used to increase and improve the quality of service. For example, with these cookies, the pages on the site that users and visitors visit most can be detected, and also the pages that cause problems or do not work within the site.

Targeting or Advertising Cookies – Cookies used to promote products and services on pages other than our website. Cooperation is made for advertisement and promotion through business partnership or service purchase. For example, cookies can be used to track whether an ad is clicked on the site, and to what extent the service is used on the site that the ad redirects.

Functionality and Preference Cookies – These are the cookies that ensure the continuous delivery of personal services by remembering the choices and preferences of the users on the site. These are the cookies that ensure the continuity of your preferences such as language and font selection.

Similar websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google can process user data on our site according to their privacy policies. For detailed information, you can take a look at the policies implemented by these sites.

Control of Cookies

You can delete all cookies on your computer and make adjustments to prevent cookies from being placed on your browser. However, if you do, you may need to manually adjust some preferences each time you visit the site. You may also prevent some services and functions from working properly or not working at all.

For other browsers or sub-services offered by browsers, please refer to the documentation provided by your browser manufacturer.